Zwilling Cookware Review

There are a few versatile tools that every chef—home or pro—should have in their kitchen, and a dependable frying pan is one of them. Next, we’ll show you what the most popular piece of Zwilling cookware the brand has to offer is all about.

Zwilling Madura Plus 10-Inch Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan Review

Made in Italy, the Madura Plus line is a real attention grabber. It includes Zwilling pans only, and their all-black, smooth design is what makes them so appealing.

The Zwilling Madura Plus 10-Inch Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan is made from forged aluminum, coated with a 3-layer DuraSlide granite non-stick surface. What do those two things mean for your meals? Even heat distribution, easy sliding, and quick cleanup.

Unlike other non-stick and metal-handled pans, you can use metal utensils on this one and actually grab the handle without burning your palm. PFOA-free (the toxic found in Teflon), this Zwilling madura plus non-stick aluminum fry pan can be popped in the oven (up to temps of 400F) to finish off steaks or even cook brownies if you’re fresh out of baking pans.

As for cleaning? Toss it (gently) into the dishwasher. No questions asked.

On sale for $60 from $75, this pan is currently out of stock but check back in soon!

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